Amino North America is housed in a 78,000 sqft. (7,250 sqm) production facility

Production Press

  • 3000 ton fluid forming press.
  • 600 ton blank holder force.
  • Maximum draw depth of 450mm.
  • The FFP performs the bulk of the part forming, creating the basic shape of even complex parts in a single sheet hydroform operation.

Production Line

  • Following the FFP are 2 of Amino's 800 ton mechanical link servo presses, which are used to trim, pierce and flange the parts. It is possible to combine several line operations into a single die because of the precise control of press motion that link-servo presses allow.
  • An Amino Di-stacker presents blanks for use in the press. Magnetic technology is used to prevent blanks from sticking together during feeding. A squaring system with 8 servo motors (2 per side) ensures consistent positioning of each blank.
  • Four 6-axis robots are used to completely automate material movement from beginning to end.

800 ton Amino Link-servo Try-out Press

  • Link servo press that can be used for die spotting, try-out and offline production.

NTC 5 axis CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

  • Can be used to trim panels for low volume programs.
  • Stroke of 122" x 75" x 31" (3,100mm x 1,900mm x 800mm).
  • High positioning accuracy within +/- 0.04/300mm, single-point steering head.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • ANAC has a D.E.A. Delta 3406 Gantry CMM. This gantry-type CMM has a stroke of 128" x 72" x 54" (3251.2mm x 1828.8mm x 1371.6mm), giving it the capability to measure even the largest of body panels.


  • ANAC uses PAM-STAMP 2G forming analysis software for sheet hydroforming applications.
  • ANAC has the in-house capability to work in partnership with its customers to develop solutions to the most challenging part geometries.

Value Added Services

  • Metal finishing
  • Painting
  • Ultrasonic weld inspection
  • Assembly and joining
    • Spot-welding
    • Riveting
    • Sealant / adhesive application

Robotic Assembly Cells

  • ANAC utilizes FANUC robotic cells to weld brackets and other sub-components.

Production Line Schematic


Operation #1
Operation #2, Operation #3
Tryout Press
Press Type
Fluid Forming Press
Link Servo Press
Link Servo Press
3000 ton
800 ton
800 ton
Slide Table Size
4500 mm x 2500 mm
4500 mm x 2500 mm
4500 mm x 2500 mm
1200 mm
1200 mm
1200 mm
Daylight / Die Height
2500 mm
1000 mm – 1370 mm
1000 mm – 1370 mm